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Who's your favorite person in the world – and what do you love about them?
Olivia Palermo because shes skinny

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binged and purged! after such a good day too! only 47 calories and then wham!!! wth! whats wrong with me , why can't I get my control back?!?!?! I am so calm, and collected during the day, and then for some reason as soon as I get home it's like I'm possesed, and then before I know it within like 15 minutes my whole day is down the fricken drain!!! ALONG WITH 2700 calories!! ARG~ HELP MEEEEE! I'm supposed to start the ABC on November 1'st, but at this rate I'll be "re-starting" AKA failing miserably every day!

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forget it! :)
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Okay , so today I'm still at home unable to do ANY exercise at all because I'm "high risk" of another stupid asthma attack, So in the state of curiosity I googled "calorie calculator to see how many calories you need to reach your goal weight" and supprisingly found this new yourk times thingy tht told me to reach my goal weight in X number of days I need to eat 1200 calories / day! eeew so scratch that then I tried a different approach. I went to www.caloriesperhour.com and used this neat little thing www.caloriesperhour.com/index_loss.php  I figured out that simply by doing some every day things like washing dishes and running for a bit and situps and such I would be able to burn 1654 calories/day!!! (www.healthstatus.com/calculate/cbc ) so if I ate 500 calories a day , then my calorie deficit would be 1154 calories <3 which means I could lose 39.2 pounds in just 3 months and 29 days. so if I can mange to restrict a bit more and do lots more exercise then I'll be able to reach my goal weight in less then three months. So I'm trying to think of some good meal plans arg this'll be hard because fat alone has 9 calories per 1g ick ! so it's all sans gras for me  :) I'm going to go stock up on celery and flavoured water since diet soda makes you retain water :) bibi 

                                             -me of course <3
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so.... bored nothing to do -_-

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